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We are Thies and Polasek Business Strategists. We are here to both energize and better your business model. We understand that business can be exciting, but can at the same time, there are parts that are extremely difficult.


That’s okay. That’s why we are here; to develop strategies tailored to fit your specific niche, to invigorate your marketing campaign if you have one, or to create one for you if you don’t, to take a look over your business’s finances and find areas where costs can be cut, or where money needs to be diverted in order to maximize return.


T&P is run by two general partners: One with a degree in management and a passion for marketing, the other with a degree in Finance and a passion for pushing online sales. Together we bring to the table two business degrees, 6 years of stock market analysis and trading experience, real estate consulting knowledge, background in large scale management both in the public and private side, and skills in helping new businesses, both online and offline, in getting off the ground and crushing their goals.

Everyone says business is about hard work and determination. This is true. But if you augment that with pure, REAL business tactics, you WILL see your business growth accelerate. It’s just science. -T&P

Whether your business is in the dining industry, the entertainment industry, the services industry, whatever it may be, we are confident that our extensive background both in the online and offline sectors will greatly benefit your business model in pushing sales, creating awarness for your business, cutting costs, and overall enhancing your company in which you have so tenderly cared for throughout its inception.


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-  Cameron & Derek

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