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Part 2

Landing pages are a VITAL piece to any successful online business.

Part 1  (for those who missed it)

The 3 steps ALL professional marketers use to make $1,000 per day

Using landing pages the wrong way WILL cost you sales. Using landing pages the right way WILL exponentially increase traffic and revenue. The choice is yours.

Most businesses are 100% clueless on how to effectively use landing pages. Learning the RIGHT way to pull on emotional levers, touch on intense buying triggers, and create a sense of desire in the potential buyer can completely transform the number of sales you make. 

The 10 hour course is designed to teach you ALL of that, and cut your learning curve down to non existent. 

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Check out some Information on who Cameron And Derek are below.


Cameron J. Thies

Bachelor of Business Admin - Mgmt.

Cameron Thies is a California native with many local connections. Cameron attended and graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a degree in business administration.

Derek I. Polasek

Bachelor of Business Admin - Finance

Derek I. Polasek Is also a California native. Derek attended and graduated from the University of California, Riverside in the top 10% of his class. Derek has always been interested in business. Derek has extensive experience in real estate, having worked at Century 21, as a licensed Real Estate Consultant. Derek is an avid investor in the U.S. stock market and owns and operates Finance And Chocolate, an online based financial community. Derek loves the power of the internet, online marketing, and multimedia  marketing strategy.