Who Is Derek Polasek?


My name is Derek I. Polasek. I have been trading the stock market for the last 6 years. I am known as the founder and owner of Finance and Chocolate and consider it my brain child and my joy. I absolutely love trading and have a passion for the stock market. Finance and Chocolate allows me to express that passion and help others in the process.

My business partner, Cameron, and I both have that same passion and drive for general business practices and that is why Thies and Polasek exists: to transfer our wide range of business knowledge to you, for your use, for your growth, for your success, in your business. Period.

In other news,

I have also been licensed as a Real Estate Consultant in the state of California since I was 20 years old; having the pleasure of working with and advising clients from all walks of life. I consider myself well versed in negotiations due to my experience in real estate.

When it comes to business, I describe myself as blunt, detail oriented, to the point, and precise. I am a fan of efficiency and despise nonsense, excuses, and fluff.   

I am University of California educated, holding a Bachelor's degree in Business Admin, - Finance.