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Welcome to Thies and Polasek,

Business strategy is crucial to any company. No matter your industry (dining, retail, construction, etc.) or if you sell product or provide a service, strategy must be involved. Truthfully, employing business tactics is stressful, complicated, and downright overwhelming. Thies&Polasek™ is here to work with you to equip your company with a premium business plan. Strategy consists of: marketing tactics, management systems, cost-optimization, and all-around prime positioning of your company to provide the highest opportunity for profitability. While you’re here, take a look around! Thies&Polasek™ is the epicenter for all things business.


Video Lessons

Our video lessons are the “do it yourself” version for entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a startup or whether you’re looking to advance your current tactics, the value of formal education is game changing for a company. There is no way around it. There is information you just cannot learn on your own. Take a peek at our free content! What do you have to lose?

Personal Strategizing

Thies&Polasek™ will personally work with you to cover your company’s strategizing needs. Some companies will only need marketing tactics restructuring, an audit of their price points, or implementing internal cost reductions. Others will want a full overhaul and a complete strategy intervention. Whatever your goals in your company’s advancement fill out an inquiry describing what you are looking for and we will respond as soon as possible. Your company’s performance is our priority and we are excited to be working with you!